Thursday, September 16, 2004

I ran and ran today and snapped at the president again. I am not much liking myself.

This whole "eventing" experience is rough. I cannot begin to imagine how it would be if I did this for a living...yet maybe it wouldn't be so bad because it would be all I concentrated on each day. I truly enjoy the challenge of writing in a completely new genre for me, but doing so does not offset all the other hassle.

I shudder to think about the fact that I have another event on October 28th after this one on next Tuesday. And the word "behind" would not even begin to characterize this one.

I am tired, grumpy, and tired. Saturday is looking really great to me, really great.

I did get the press release signed-off-on in house. I drafted the president's talking points. I arranged for balloons to mark the entrance. I created a tri-fold company brochure for one of our funders (As a new organization, they have no real collateral and need something for the event). I laid out the items for our press packet that I will need to print and stuff tomorrow. I did something else quite productive in the morning, but I am so tired I cannot remember what it was! Oh, least I actually left the office just after six tonight!

Besides printing for a few hours tomorrow, I also need to create badges for all the speakers, our senior staff, and our board. We have upgraded from stick-on ones to clear plastic holders that hang around the neck. If I finish that tomorrow, I should be as ready as possible for Tuesday.

Somehow, I need to learn to set myself aside and allow God the victory even in event planning!

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