Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dad and I went for breakfast and Wal-Mart today. He had brought over the pressure washer so that we could work on the deck, but I am so stiff and sore that I suggested we watch a movie instead.

Given how hot it is outside, Dad agreed.

We watched Sneakers, a find from the $5.50 DVD bin from a while ago. I moaned and groaned on the couch while Dad stretched out in the green chair.

I really enjoyed seeing the movie with him because it is a smart caper I knew we would both like, but I am worried about why I still feel so bad. I am both sore and achy, as if I have a combination of flu and the aftermath of a marathon. My legs and back and ankles are quite stiff.

I am still popping Motrin. And stretching. And Resting. I hope tomorrow is better.

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