Thursday, April 21, 2005

I just finished working tonight. I left the office around 7:00 and came home. I had dinner and then jumped back onto our server, trying to finish the prep work for our new website.

I then cleaned out my inbox, 128 messages to sort and flag for follow-up. A couple of weeks ago, I spent a whole weekend going through over 1400 messages in there and vowed to stay ahead of them. Mostly because I found a few things that were long overdue for attention.

Tonight I found a few more...or rather realized how many things are needing attention when I am trying to block out everything but the website.

I keep thinking that I just get through the website and our new batch of collateral, that I will find breathing room and stop this working at night and on the weekend...but am I fooling myself?

In between dinner and working again, I took a few minutes to play catch with Kashi in the back yard. I keep trying to take a mini-movie of him doing so with my digital camera, but he hates the thing. He was so torn between trembling in fear and chasing the ball. What a wimp I have for a dog!

He always manages to bring smile, though. I am grateful for dogs!

Last night I whacked on my hair again. [I have to stop cutting my hair when I am stressed.] I didn't cut the back, but I did the front. I think I like the look better.

You would have thought I dreamed of barber poles, but I didn't. I dreamed I was sorting through photographs for the website.

Oh, that it were May 1st already. I am so READY to have this project behind me!

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