Friday, April 22, 2005

I had a very surreal moment today...

In the morning, I sort of circumvented someone who had been dragging his feet. Just a few moments later, the president called me in to talk.


If you ever want to give me a heart attack, just say, "Patricia, will you come here for a moment? I need to talk with you."

I would IMMEDIATELY start sorting through all my actions, trying to discover what I might have done wrong.

How's that for low self-esteem?

Sheer panic overwhelms me and if, perhaps, you asked to see me at a later time, then I literally end up making myself ill. A small flaw of mine.

In any case, I did feel slightly guilty about my morning maneuver and entered his office with a bit of fear and trembling.

At first, I was relieved when he handed me an article to read. But then I realized he was asking me to prepare a statement for the press. You know, one of those two sentence ones.

And then it happened...I found myself brainstorming aloud and heard him say that my idea was exactly the position he wished for us to take on the matter.


The thing that made it difficult for me to keep from laughing out loud was the thought that all of those years of watching
The West Wing have finally paid off. For that one moment, it was as if I standing next to CJ, brainstorming with her.

What an unbelievab
le moment...

I should end with how the day began.

When I was getting ready, I realized that I lost my shoes. I live in a small duplex. There is NO WAY to lose my shoes. Yet, they are not in my closet. They are not beneath my desk. They are not beneath my coffee table. I wore them Wednesday and then they vanished.

A veritable mystery.

How was your day?

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