Monday, January 26, 2009

I learned something interesting during my assessment by the physical therapist: my abdominal muscles are virtually "quiet." That is to say, they are not working, especially on the right side. So, all the ways that they should be helping me sit up are not happening. My back is bearing the brunt of keeping upright my less-than-slender torso.

While the discovery sheds light on the problem, I still cannot see a way to build them up...and I am most curious why they are no longer working.

Now I know why it hurts to lie on my stomach. Three sonograms all showed functioning organs. One firm poke on my side abdominal muscles found me slapping the PT's hand way rather emphatically. I did allow further poking, but I grunted rather loudly until she was done.

While I see little hope for change, should I at least be thankful for an answer?

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