Sunday, January 18, 2009

My writing student is heading back to college this week. While home during her break, she came over twice to write and eat and watch television (she is in agreement about its magnificence).

Such a gift she has been in my life. Certainly NOT a failure. She has transitioned from a student to a fellow writer and has blessed me with her gentle spirit. In fact, I would say that when she is home, she has this uncanny ability to text me with a query about a possible writing evening on days when I am rather frustrated or feeling rather wretched.

Her holiday break brought another tasty dish into my life. While she left before I copied down the recipe, I have twice made the dish with great success. It is an alfredo sauce made with chicken stock (rather than butter) and lemon and fresh rosemary (my substitution for parsley) and cayenne pepper, penne pasta, and chicken sauteed in a pan with herbs de Provence and olive oil.

The greatness of K's heart lies in the fact that she left me the bottle of herbs (being a poor college student she at least left with cash in hand for replacement) so that I could experience her culinary brilliance once more.

I cannot wait to cook this for B and G. His fiery tastebuds should love it!

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