Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trying to navigate a stairway while holding both a puppydog and a basket of laundry that has three loads in it is probably not the best course of action. Doing so on a stairway that has far too many piles of things on the bottom steps that need to be put away on the upper floor is probably an even worse decision. It is a good thing that Kashi and I had so many clothes to land on when we fell!

Despite the fall, my puppydog is doing much, much better. While his leg is still not very useful, his pain appears to be better and his hindquarter weakness has greatly diminished. Two weeks ago, he was done on the floor more than on his feet. I cried the whole day and felt it was time to put him down. But the next day he was better and the one after that still more so. The vet thought the cold (we had had snow earlier in the week) was too much for him. We started a new Chinese herb, and he turned this wonderful corner. I am trying to curb my hope, but I do feel better just looking at him.

Part of turning the tide, I believe, is the fact that he is getting both doses of all three of his medications. It was very difficult for me to remember his medicine, and most days he only had one dose between morning and night. After feeling like a very poor puppydog momma, I had the brilliant revelation that I should purchase a seven day pill container like the one I use, but get one for two slots for each day. However, I kept forgetting to get one when I was at the store. After growing more frustrated with myself, I finally remembered that I got one like that for when B and I were in Italy because I needed two weeks of my own medicine. A bit of searching later, I found it, filled it, and began an uninterrupted streak of properly dosing my dog!

Small victories, eh?

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