Friday, March 06, 2009

Another week has finished. Two more days to sleep until the afternoon, catching up on the strain of working full time.

Truly, I have become a rather boring individual. Work. Go home and watch TV. Squeeze in a couple of book while sleeping away the weekend. Work.

However, no matter my feelings about what I am not allowed to do at work, I am most grateful for employment during these turbulent times. Especially since, no matter how hard I try, I keep ending up with out-of-network healthcare that is costing me far more money than is in my budget for medical expenses. I am appealing the decision since the physical therapy clinic I chose is on my provider's website, but I am not hopeful of the outcome. I do know I believe quite strongly that I will NOT pay those bills. ARGH.

And then there is the COLOSSAL mistake made by my accounting department. They increased what I claimed as my state withholding five-fold. When I did my taxes, I stared at the screen in utter disbelief when the program showed that I owe $1,875 for that mistake. I figured that something must have been wrong with my withholding and was not surprised when I confirmed that suspicion. Hopefully, what is taken out over the rest of the year will compensate for not having enough withheld the first two months.

Two huge bills in two days.

Yes, I am thankful for this job. I am thankful for the opportunity to pay my bills. I am thankful for a place to labor. For a place, yes, for a place to learn...even if those lessons are more about patience than professional development.

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