Sunday, March 01, 2009

My what a wonderful visit I had with B!

We actually stayed up all last night, crawling into our respective beds some time after six o'clock this morning. Lots of games, lots of Farscape episodes, lots of talking. I won Triominos again. Shocking, I know. She won Rumikub. I won Phase Ten. She won Uno. She won Sorry. We both won Skipbo and a round of Gin Rummy.

We set up the web camera on my old laptop and tested it--she in my bedroom, I on the couch. I cannot wait to use it long distance! Our on-line Scrabble games will be that much more fun. When she starts trying to come up with a wickedly high-point word, I can distract her with visual antics. I am also sending one to my sister so that I can start making video calls to my nephews.

Kashi was beside himself when B arrived and has been moping in the basement. He finds her as wonderful as do I. When he is truly excited, he fluffs up his coat and gets all fuzzy. He also puts his ears back and wags his tail so hard that sometimes he loses his footing. 'Tis a bit wonderful to be greeted so enthusiastically.

Right now, I am crossing my fingers that the great southern blizzard coming our way will manage to lay down enough snow as to prevent the opening of my office tomorrow! If so, I shall be making up for the copious amounts of lost sleep I have been accumulating of late.

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