Thursday, March 26, 2009

A bit more work today means that we have both control of the domain AND the website files. Now I just have to wait for the DNS servers across the Internet to update the new location of the website. Perhaps tomorrow this transition will be done! Of course, once Contribute has been added to the site, I will need to make some updates to it...

Today, I filed the paperwork that has been sitting on my steps for months, reconciled my bank account, paid my bills for the month of April, worked on transferring my underlined verses to my new bible, nebulized, and watched Fancy sleep.

My boss suggested that I take another day on Monday since I have some each day this week. I suppose I shall not be adverse to that plan. I could wish I were accomplishing more being home, but at least I have been sleeping until mid-afternoon each day. Perhaps that should be enough for me. I do need to start transitioning to getting up a bit earlier each day so that by Tuesday going to work will not be so difficult.

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