Thursday, September 07, 2017

A few things amongst the resting...

The mail from California came speedily across the country to bring me my laptop power cord!  I was well-pleased!!  My computer is charged back up and I have my faithful companion back.  However, I think that the last time I tripped over the cord I might have jiggled the connection port in the computer.  I think that because it seems to be slightly canted.  And, if I put the power cord in, sometimes it doesn't connect.  All I have to do is pull the cord out and then re-attach it a bit gentle like as I wiggle it a bit and the lovely light on the power cord comes on to let me know it is starting to charge.

I really, really, really need to work on no longer tripping over my lap top power cord.
And dropping my beleaguered, four-year-old iPhone.

Tonight, I have been cooking a bit.  Two days ago, I had the final jar of Beef Stew with Beer.  I knew I was low and had bought a hunk of beef last month (or was it in July) to make some more.  So, I thought that I would tackle that task.  I had forgotten, though, just how exhausting it is to make

It takes about 30 minutes just to braise the beef and that doesn't include cubing and dredging the beef.  Then there is the stripping and chopping of all the herbs.  And the mincing of the onion and garlic.  And chopping up the red potatoes and the carrots.  Lots and lots and lots of labor on this recipe, but oh so tasty! 

I found this article to be rather helpful when I embarked on learning to make a good beef stew.  However, I tend to break one of its cardinal rules:  don't make a roux.

You see, I LOVE ME a thick beef stew and I am not much interested in learning to use cornstarch.  So, that means I use some butter, flour, and liquid from the stew once it is through the final cooking stage.  Isn't my roux just beautiful?

Whilst harvesting for the stew, I picked too much rosemary, so I softened a stick of butter and made some rosemary butter.  I also brewed some more tea.  But mostly I spent the whole evening making stew.

I cooked because I had some overwhelming thoughts and emotions at therapy today.  At one point, I started to weep, only I have no tears.  My face become splotchy and my eyes become wet, but that is it.  I find the absence of tears a terrible reminder of the fact that I am ill.  I also grieve the loss of the comfort of tears.  All that flickers through my mind even as I try to remain present in the room as we talk.

I wish I could have a hug on Thursday afternoons.
And company.
And french fries.

I took care of the latter.

I do not have another appointment until next Thursday, so I have plans to mostly rest more. Although, I do have a few more larder things to refill.  I need to make more sun-dried tomato chicken meatballs and bacon bits.  That way, with the naan and tortilla dough balls and the Chipotle Chicken Chili that I have made recently, as well has tonight's stew, I will have my freezer meals stash filled-up once again.

I also have a homeowner goal in the next week, too.  I would like to try and get the back porch sealed when the temperature rises again next week.  I've burned down my firewood, with just enough for one last fire left.  I think I can move that much.  I have to move the grill, the recycle bin, the table, the rocking chair, and the firewood rack.  Then, I will power wash the porch and steps.  Next, I will seal them.  Finally, I have to move everything back.

Next Saturday and Sunday it looks like we will have a space of clear, warm weather.  So, I hope to clear things off mid-week and do the power-washing with the energy of the upsettedness after my appointment next Thursday.  That way, the wood has a full day to dry before I seal it.  Maybe even two.

The last task I wanted to get done before winter sets in is to paint the windows in the attic and the storm door on the basement entrance.  I had wanted to get it all scraped down and paint both sides, but I shall do the less-than-perfect job and scrape what I can, prime, and paint the outside.  That is where the exposed wood is.

Yesterday, I did have a good homeowner victory.  I needed to replace the bulb in the light outside the basement entrance.  It is about five years old.  And so it is also rather dirty.  Since you have to take the thing apart to change the bulb, I decided to clean the glass panes and the reflective pane before putting it back together.  I was not a perfect homeowner, because I only flicked the majority of the bugs out, rather than clean them all.   The true victory is that I neither fell off of the ladder, nor did I faint with my hands up above my heart.  I had several bouts of pre-syncope, but no syncope.

So, a bit of productivity scattered amongst several days of resting.  A little this and that.  And a big that planned for next week.

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