Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Resting and lavender goodness...

It is werid not having a power cord for my laptop.  I didn't realize just how much I keep myself company with it.  I am hoping the cord will arrive by Friday, but it is coming snail mail from California, so it could be not until next week.  Meanwhile, I'm rationing my computer use.

I still have the cord attached to the computer, because every once and a while, I can jiggle it back alive, though not at all yesterday.  Anyway, today, I tripped over the cord again!  I really need Becky here to help me figure out how put the laptop down in such a way that I will not trip over the cord.

I finally finally managed to get Amos bathed today.  He is still swaddled, several hours later.  I swear he is becoming even more morose about being bathed.  He collapses in my arms when I take him out of the tub and becomes a dead lump of sad canine.  I wrap him up as if he is a burrito and then wrap him again in the weighed blanket.  That way, he is well smushed, since being smushed is his most favorite state.  Even so, the lavender goodness is wafting from his body.  Such peace I get from my lump of puppy dog.

I also had the chilorio again, even though I had it just two days ago.  That is one of the good things about my small and quiet life.  If I want to repeat a meal again and even again, no one complains.  That stuff is amazing!  It is a Pati Jinich recipe, so you know it is going to be good.  It is, to me, like a barbecue.  The flavor is perfect when pared with mashed avocado spread across a fresh cooked flour tortilla and then rolled up as a burra.  Mmmmmm!

I think it might have been my last jar.  I need to look.  But I do know that I have more pork in the waiting.  I might not have the peppers, though.  In any case, I shall be making another batch of that magnificence very, very soon.

Meanwhile, I'm still resting from my spate of frenetic labors in my effort to ignore my upsettedness.  And resting.  And resting.

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