Sunday, September 03, 2017

My day...

It was another resting day, for me, since I ran myself ragged Thursday night.  Mostly, I snuggled with Amos.  Although I did torture him a bit with a haircut.  He's gotten so wiggly during them that I now do his haircut in stages.  Lately, I've been a bit negligent about his belly and his legs.  So, that's what I concentrated on tonight.  I had planned on giving him a bath since I need to give him another foot treatment tomorrow, but I just didn't have enough energy.  I am looking forward to some lavender aroma therapy though!

You see, Amos has started the incessant licking of the skin between his toes again, so I got out the foot treatment from June.  The vet told me that I could use it as needed.  If it wouldn't be more money, I think I would tell her that I would like to try oral medicine this time.  The treatments were to be six over three weeks.  We've done two, so there are four to go.  Amos is not much liking them, but he tolerates them.  We do them at the kitchen sink and I give him a mini-treat (the only kind he gets) every two minutes as a way of getting through the ten minutes of standing there before we can since off the medication.  Fun times.

I did take a shower myself, which is why I didn't bathe Amos.  In years past, I could do both, but no longer.  Showering is so darn exhausting!  Of course, so is bathing him.

So, three naps, a bit of a trim, and a shower.  That was my day.  Well, that and ruining my computer power cord for the second time.  ARGH!  I hate having to buy another one of those.  Such a darned klutz am I!!

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