Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Someone from the office who had stayed late to finish some work after everyone else had gone asked me for a ride home. Caught in traffic created by a construction crew, all I wanted was to be home. My head was aching, I grew weak and clammy, and my stomach started churning.

There I was growing more ill by the moment and trying to keep up the light chatter with my co-worker.

I was feeling quite wretched. Why? Because I wore a blasted barrette today and it had slipped to that spot on the back of my head. I didn't connect the two until I was nearly to the metro station where I dropped my co-worker.

I nearly cried from relief when I snatched the barrette out of my hair just blocks from my house. I felt stupid and weak and weary that I had to get back to work once I arrived home.

If I shave my head, then I won't keep trying to pull my hair back and end up making myself ill. What a sight that would be!

Will I ever learn?

I have finished my writing for work and am going to bed. Now, if I can only arrange the pillows away from the back of my head and still get comfortable enough to sleep.

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