Saturday, June 11, 2005

Today could not have been more strange, more holy, more confusing.

I've been trying to find someone to replace three squares of sidewalk since last August. But no one is interested in such a small job. Believe me...I've tried. The contractors instead wanted to do the entire walkway and the handymen did not want the labor for such a small area.

I tried again and ended up spending over an hour in fellowship with another Christian. Before he left, he put his hand on my shoulder and prayed. Tears came to both our eyes for the love God has for His children. Me with MS. His wife just diagnosed. My lessons, his encouragement.

Buoyed by the exchange, I ventured outside to try and pop twelve small flower plants in waiting pots. But the heat was overwhelming. Literally so.

In mere moments, I was shaking and growing weak. Then I fainted and fell off the lower deck into the bushes.

I made my way inside and called my boss, ostensively to talk about visiting tomorrow, but really to connect with another person in my lingering confusion. But our conversation was a disturbing as the heat.

I couldn't reach my best friend. I wanted to talk.

Foolhardy without a doubt, I ventured out again near dusk to mow. I had to mow. Who else will do so? Setting the sprinkler, I returned inside to collapse on the kitchen floor and press my flushed face against the cool tiles. Strength finally returning, I downed some gatorade and gave Kashi a bath.

Then I retreated to the green chair, resigned to channel surfing while trying to take in my roller coaster day. But... friend called to play Scrabble. I began and ended the day in fellowship.

I am not alone.

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