Thursday, May 15, 2008

Late Tuesday night started a rather unwelcome-and-still-lingering visit of food poisoning.

It took all of yesterday to get control of my stomach, but that was only if I refrained from eating. I went to work today, primarily because I just blew through the one sick day I have earned. My pale face and trembling limbs caused a bit of comment from everyone save my boss, whom I think holds my absence against me given our event tomorrow. Still, I soldiered on.

I ventured with a bit of left over perogi tonight that stayed down, though it was mostly a case of mind over matter. Potatoes stick to your ribs, right? I thought that since they were essentially boiled pasta and potatoes, that they could not do much harm.

Tomorrow is going to be the longest of days. First, I have to weather another inch or so of rain overnight. The flooding from Sunday evening was sparked by 5 inches of rain...but the ground has not had sufficient time dry out and may not bear well beneath the pressure of more water falling down upon it. This evening, I walked around the yard with a few words of encouragement: "Buck up, dear soil!" But that probably will not help.

Then comes our benefit piano concert, which is a fair piece down the road. We are leaving at 2:30 ish and most likely will not be back before midnight, between the concert, the mingling, the clean-up, and the commute back.

My plan for Saturday: SLEEP!

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