Thursday, November 27, 2008

I spent this day fasting so that I could have blood work done tomorrow so that I can visit a neurological ophthalmologist week after next. The timing was necessary, but the act was frustrating.

Turkey. Gravy. Mashed potatoes. Stuffing.

All I could do was look...

I am thankful for a puppy dog who greets me most enthusiastically every single day, without fail, even though, from time to time, I torture him in the bathtub.

I am thankful for a bird who is content to curl beneath my chin and keep me company.

I am thankful for a vet who treats me with such kindness and cares for my babies as much as do I.

I am thankful for the glorious green of moss.

I am thankful for the challenges in my life that offer the opportunity for me to be more than I thought I could be. [if only I were better at doing so. SIGH.]

I am thankful for a job.

I am thankful for a roof.

I am thankful for health insurance.

I am thankful for the rosemary bush in my garden sprung from a sprig given to me by my writing student's mother. Such flavor in my life.

I am thankful for technology that can connect a whole world, putting information at our fingertips and friends in my ear whenever needed.

I am thankful for Cousin D and all the times he listens to me when he would rather be otherwise engaged. [I admit is must be a bit of a strain when he plays the listening gal pal instead of the virile man he is!]

I am thankful to K, who has turned from writing student to writing partner. [I remain in awe of her burgeoning talent.]

I am thankful for J and the way she pursues life.

I am thankful for T, who constantly teaches me of compassion.

I am thankful for B, who humbles me with her love.

I am thankful for B's husband G, who gives so fully of himself and shares his family so completely.

I am thankful for the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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