Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yeah Cowboys! This game was quite crucial in preserving the season. If they lost, they would be at the bottom of the conference and really would have little shot at a wildcard game with two losses to the Redskins. Now, there are only four other teams in the conference with a better record...a whole lot of ties, though.

Kashi and I walked some, with the rain of the past three days finally abating. I am undecided if the second acupuncture treatment helped. One complication is the fact that he suddenly started chewing on his leg. I am worried that he was bitten by something at the wetland preserve, but even his vet could not really tell what was going on. If he doesn't let it rest by tomorrow, I will need to put on that awful collar again.

This whole day was marked by rather strong dizziness. I am headed off to bed hoping that more rest will alleviate the symptom...

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