Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A most wretched day save for Bible study and a quick call to B on the way home.

When I arrived back at the office, some very unfriendly person had smoked in the lobby. Just standing there waiting for the world's slowest elevator was enough to send me spiraling down into a rather serious asthma attack. One Epipen and two nebulizer treatments later, I sat at my desk violently trembling from the drugs racing through my body, but cough free. I wanted to go home, but there was work to do. Being unreliable in this economic environment is not the best.

My oxygen sat was 89 after the attack.

While that is difficult in and of itself, I have been having rather intense pain in my left forearm all day, radiating out from mid arm. My thumb hurts as well, the middle joint. Both actually feel as if they are broken, but that is impossible. So, I suppose the nerves are misfiring or something strange like that. It is very, very difficult to concentrate.

The one bright spot was a moment in bible study when Pastor asked us what was the chief duty of Christians. The answer gave me pause: to live a life of forgiveness. Yes, love others. Yes, be obediant to God. Yes, be holy. However, all those come about because we have been forgiven ourselves.

Can you imagine the impact we would have on this world if we truly lived a life of forgiveness, offering it to all those around us? True forgiveness.

NOTE: B pointed out that on Monday's post, I did not clarify that I was blogging from my new GREEN phone. I was. I did. It was most pleasurable in the midst of much displeasure.

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