Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am sponsoring a contest.  The winner can have a hymn recording or a passage of scripture of your choosing.  The challenge?  How many ladybugs do you see in this photo?

Here are my green walls, or rather one of them.  The other is the purple my boss insisted on for the wall she would see most when sitting in the chair across from my desk.

I must admit that I do find myself more cheerful when entering my office at least.  However, there was a bit of a brouhaha over my new walls during the senior management meeting.  One of the directors observed I seemed to really enjoy them.  So, after the meeting there was field trip for those who had not yet gazed upon their green glory.  My boss did not care for the attention I received.  She was livid in fact. 

It is very hard to play the role of idiot, whipping boy, social pariah, and slave all at once.  My boss was so ugly that another person in our department wanted to up and quit today over how I am being treated.  But with no human resources person and a CEO not interested in dealing with my boss or the less-than-kosher doings, I have no escape save unemployment.  For God has not brought another vocation opportunity my way.

My heart is weary from last week's emotional storm, my sort-of-lashing-out at Pastor, practically sending my new friend to hell figuratively speaking, losing Jesus (the crucifix), having another person seemingly made at me, and dealing with an angry, spiteful boss. 

It did not help matters that I tried to pick up a box of paper and keeled over.

Unfortunately, I also came home to a notice of a certified letter.  As an adult, such have never been good. I am very worried about whatever battle will be before me in the morning.  Oh, how I wish that I had someone who could pick it up, look at the sender, and let me know if I should dare look at it.

I did have three calls from Pizza Man today that made me feel good because a) I was not bugging him and his lovely bride and b) he needed my help!  Shocking, I know.  Still, I dusted off my editing skills and hacked away.  Then, I started working on the revisions for the church projects I am tackling at the moment, with hymns blaring in the background. 

Two more days until I can sleep the clock round.  SIGH.

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