Monday, November 22, 2010

answered prayer...

I just this moment realized that God has answered one of my prayers, one of my desperate pleas. 

I have asked God for just one thing, one small thing, to be easy.  So much, so very much has been hard for a long while. I am fatigued, yes, but I am also weary.  Feeling embattled on all fronts, I asked God for just one thing in my life to be easy.  Just now, I realized that God has done this; He has made one thing easy for me!


For a few months now, I have been able to step foot into my shower without fear, without the fear of falling.  I have been able to do this because Sunshine scrubs my tub for me every other week.  Laboring selflessly on my behalf, she scours it smooth so that I stand on sure foot.  Not only does she do this, but she remembers each time and offers to do so freely, never making me ask her for help.  In all ways, this is an easy thing. 

Last month, when I was not at home and longed for a shower, my pastor's wife retrieved what I needed to wash my hair from my bathroom (its length requires some serious detangling conditioner), my pastor brought it to me, and a stranger stood watch over me.  Even there I was safe.

How could I not have noticed this answered prayer?  Truly Christ's mercy to me is great!

Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief!

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