Monday, November 29, 2010


a day of rest...a day of waiting...

The pain is overwhelming.  My hands are stiff and sore, as are all parts of me, making it feel as if I have not taken the Celebrex at all.  When I am without the knee brace, that joint simply does not function at all. 

A woman stopped by with boxes and sort of looked askance at me for not rising from the couch, but I cared not.  No masking for least for this day and the rest of the week.  At least that is my intention.  I need to recover for the Saturday;s cleaning push before Sunday's open house.

A short while ago, Bettina sent me info on an app that helps you remember birthdays. I have missed four in the past six weeks.  Then, I saw a commercial about a Blackberry ap that was a personal assistant of sorts.  I tried to find something similar on iTunes because I missed seven bills last month, including my mortgage, despite the system of checks and balances I have in place.  I did not find one, but I did find a medical assistant app that seems most helpful to me.

I put it on the first screen in the first slot.  If you tap on it, you will see a red button marked "emergency information."  If you press on it, you will see my name, date of birth, blood type, emergency contact, allergies, medications, primary care physician, insurance, and a note field.

In the app itself, I have entered all my medical appointments, contacts, and history (conditions, allergies, surgeries, and vaccinations).  This way, at least, when I go to a new doctor and have to fill out all those forms, I will not have to battle to remember the information. I also made a note file for my asthma attacks. 

Does this not sound perfect for me?

I also worked on another Snippet, sweating bullets the whole time since it was on Christ's return.  That means they are done through Thursday.  I am trying to work ahead to make the review process easier for the editor.

Productivity helped make this day more bearable.  This, too, shall pass.  In time...

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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