Saturday, November 27, 2010


I spent this day trying to make progress on reducing the things in my house.  While I did not gain as much ground as I would have wished, I did complete a long desired task: creating a spreadsheet of the Book of Concord quotes on my Facebook page!

The next one I post shall be the 50th.  The Book of Concord Snippet email on Monday will mark the same milestone!

This past week, I created a spreadsheet of the psalms used in the Snippets emails because it is difficult for me to remember whether or not I have already used a particular Psalm.  I would rather laboriously open up the past files or log onto the interface and pick through them.  And then the next day I couldn't remember any of them that I reviewed the day before.  Now, I just glance down my chart and can quickly determine if I have used it or not.  The same was true for my Book of Concord status posts. 

Now, repeats are not bad at all, but there are so many riches contained in both the Psalter and the Book of Concord that I do not wish to repeat until repeats are necessary.  With the Psalter, that will be in 100 more emails.  With the Book of Concord...well...probably many years!

I just so love organization!

This day, I would also like to note the power of the Living Word, once more.  Truly, I believe typing out nearly 1/3 of the Psalter to date has helped heal some of the hurt and confusion that I have borne of late.  Night after night, the Word has fallen from my lips and my fingertips and then back into my ears as I read and re-read to ensure I have not made a mistake.  These prayers have filled my days and sometimes my nights.

And then there is Sunshine, who has consistently prayed the Psalter over me, putting my name into the Word, the Word that is the words of my heart spoken aloud, spoken by Christ, spoken and brought into the light, rather than the darkness that can be so terrifying, such despair.

I am walking in a measure of peace that is actually rather foreign to me.  I have hope that I have never experienced before.  And  I am reminded of my baptism at every turn.  Yes, some things are still so difficult that I do not see a way around them.  I have suffered such losses of late they seem unbearable.  I have been without the consolation and comfort of the Word of Absolution for months.  And I have so many questions about the Gospel, about doctrine, that the hunger drives me crazy half the time.  But I do see the cross.  Christ be praised, I do!

Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief!

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