Saturday, March 08, 2014

Three whole dollars...

My doctor's office finally faxed the form (on Friday) ... the one received Wednesday morning ... to the insurance company for the medication to help my blue toes.  Only, it was not expedited.  So, I called the insurance provider and sobbed my way through trying to get the authorization review to the front of the line.

Sobbing worked.
I was approved.
The insurance coverage is for $3 of the cost of the medication.  I have to pay the rest.

Three. Whole. Dollars.


Today's mail had a notice of fraud investigation regarding my homestead exemption on my house taxes because there was a discrepancy in the records.  The original filing of the title did not have me as a resident, but rather an out-of-state owner.  It really bothers me that I had to pay a title company for the closing and, thus, paid for a mistake.  It really, really, really bothers me that, obviously, the mortgage company has not yet filed the new title.

So, being a down-sizer, I have no utility bills save for the prior month.  But, really, utility bills in your name do not prove residency.  I do have a driver's license, from a while after I moved here.  I have to go prove I was not trying to commit fraud.  And I have to go figure out why I do not have a paid-off promissory note and do not have a new title. SIGH.

I have been eating just one meal a day, since my innards have not yet got to working properly again.  Today, I thawed out the Dr Pepper pulled pork, two tortillas, and made tacos.  I had some milk early in the morning and an apple tonight.  I feel as if I chowed my way through a cruise ship buffet line.  However, I am a tiny bit better.  Each dose of erythromycin helps.  Whatever will I do without it?

Celia texted with me a while, during my bluest of blue moments—toes not excepting—to help defunkify me.  She has such great humor and incredible compassion.  Plus, she is a good listener/reader when one wants to rail against the trails and travails of life in a fallen world ... especially the asinine nature of what our healthcare system is turning into thanks to a certain US president.

And then I lit a fire, so I could roast my toes for hours on end.
And sobbed.
And read more books downloaded from the library onto my Kindle.
And clutched my puppy dog.
And wished I had some chocolate.

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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SusanH said...

I'm sorry for you for all the suffering you have to endure. Thank the Lord for Kindle, puppy dogs and chocolate.

You are in my prayers.