Monday, July 27, 2015



That was the text I awoke to this morning (early afternoon).  I think it might possibly be the best text I have had in a long, long while.  It was from Firewood Man.  I knew what he meant immediately, so I rather quickly dragged my exhausted self down the stairs and went outside in my pajamas to stand upon the clean back porch and gaze out at the replaced balusters that are no longer warped.  I was soooooooo relieved.

Now, to be honest, I was hoping the balusters would be done, but that the power washing would have to wait.  No such luck for me.

So, after trying to talk myself out of it and failing to do so, I spent about 30 minutes doing light sanding in strategic areas, looking to get all the constructions scratches off my restored back porch, and then I put down three coats of sealer.

I very, very, very much wanted to IMMEDIATELY prime and paint the balusters, but Tim had power washed the back steps, too.  Even though I stained and sealed them this spring, the amount of rain we have had has really strained that newly applied sealer.  So, I put on two more coats, both of which soaked up fairly quickly.

That means on Thursday, weather permitting, I shall hope to prime the four replacement balusters and paint the stair railing.

Thankfully, I did not have enough sealer to do the front porch, which upon close examination, really does need another sealing job.  I was certain that I had a full gallon and an open one, but all I could find is the open one.  It was a half a gallon, or thereabouts, and so was just fine for the back porch and steps.  I used the chip brush, the 3 inch one I bought, to seal and it made the job rather easy.  I do not think I would ever buy another "sealing" brush again.  I cleaned it out since this was the first use.  But after tending to the front porch, I will most likely dispose of the disposable brush.

The part of me that likes closure wants to go out and get another gallon or two of sealer so that I can do the front porch. The exhausted part of me still thinks the best plan is to simply power wash it again in the fall and do the sealing job when the weather is much cooler.  Maybe at the end of September.  The airing porch needs sealing again, so Tim is willing to come out with his power washer again.  I also want the garage floor power washed before winter.

That dull, constant headache is still here, but at the pain level of 3, I am actually grateful for it.  No hint of another migraine for almost two days and I am feeling less fragile.  That is an absolute blessing and the respite I needed to face more of them.  I am now 10 (or is is 11) days completely free of Xanax.  Last night, I had the best sleep that I have had since I started withdrawing from it, though I had weird and wild and disturbing dreams.  The pains in my arms and legs are still present, with a severe bout in my left forearm most of yesterday.  Today, though, I am feeling less of that.

I called my mother this afternoon and was surprised to hear that she had been waiting on me to call so she was not disturbing me with the migraine pain.  I found that touching.  She is right; for the most part, I have not wanted to talk at all.  I just wanted to exist and endure and not have to be polite or social or thoughtful.

My little Fluffernutter is still clingy, especially since I was outside for a while working.  Once I cool down enough to shower (I am still tomato-faced), I plan on spending the entire evening ensconced in the GREEN chair with Amos and ice packs and maybe another one of those peanut butter oatmeal bars.

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