Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Then and now...

Firewood Man man mowed today!

I just love a mown lawn!  Usually, by now, it is turning yellow, as we move into the mini-drought that is July and August here in Fort Wayne.  However, we had the wettest month of any month since record keeping began!  A foot of rain ... and more in surrounding areas ... in June.  July is currently forecasted with more rain.

Remember when it looked liked I might have killed the Rose of Sharon bushes by moving them across the yard and separating them?  Also, can you believe how AWEFUL my grass used to be???

Just look at those bushes now!  Another look is worth it, right??  And the grass!  The grass!  I have been so very blessed by Firewood Man!

Because we had a fairly beautiful day, I had my first official meal on the airing porch.  Grilled Oscar Mayer angus hot dogs and some ginger water.  Mmmmmm!  Amos was rather put out that I was not eating on the couch where he could nose his way to the plate.

[Becky, note the color of one of the last two freezer tumblers I have yet to break!]

Amos didn't hold a grudge though.  Once I joined him on the steamer lounger, he kept a look-out for any danger that might befall me.  I love my little fluff-ball!

We watched the clouds together, for a while.  Then I streamed a couple of shows, played some games, read my Kindle, and watched a very, very, very long fireworks display across the rooftops of the neighborhood.  Fort Wayne folk are just NUTS about fireworks.  SIGH.

I also Googled split pea recipes, wondering about curries.  Yep, there is such a thing.  I think I found a split pea curry stew that I would like to try next.  It has carrots, potatoes, curry paste, ginger, and coconut milk.  I also found several carrot soup recipes.  I do find it a bit frustrating that I have red curry paste and yellow curry paste, but not the green curry paste of the recipe.  Knowing nothing about curry paste, I am not sure which to substitute.  I guess I'll decide tomorrow!

I have to run the dishwasher for more mason jars.
And I have to find the energy.

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