Wednesday, October 17, 2018


When I was finishing my pacemaker clinic appointment, I glanced over my patient summary.  On it, I noticed the MRI appointment was missing from the list of upcoming appointments.  Yes, it turns out the MRI department canceled the appointment.  For the third time.  Without telling me.

I ate a bowl of Blue Bell.
And another.
And another.

I just cannot believe I am here AGAIN.  What doesn't make sense to me is that the reason given, eventually, is that my leads are not approved and it is their "policy" not to allow MRIs in that case.  But back in December 2017, when my first appointment was canceled, I was told that my leads were approved, but not my device.  So, what happened?  Was that the truth or is now the truth?

After working with the cardiologist for so long, why not contact the office to say there was another problem?  What kind of person, much less department, just cancels an MRI and does not tell the patient?  Why treat a patient the way that I have been treated for nearly eleven months now?


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