Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Is it ironic or apt that I was so utterly nauseous for hours on end today that I missed my appointment with the nutritionist???  Oh, Zofran, how I adore you!

I learned something today:  my problem with metal extends to metal roller balls on aroma therapy bottles.  SIGH.

I cannot eat with metal utensils (forks and knives), because if I do, all I taste is the metal.  It was, I believe, the first odd thing I noticed before I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Folk who know me often do not remember to give me plastic ware (or have it on hand), but I never forget.  The taste is something awful!

Well, I went to use the Verve oil I made up and all I can smell is the metal.  It is horrible!  The things I read about making up your own bottles talked about the greatness of having metal balls.  I never gave a second thought about following that preference.  Now, I am much afeared that I have two bottles of oil that are useless for me.  The verve is especially hard to take because Escents no longer offers it for sale.  It is a lovely scent with elements that helps with stress.  I think that I do have a bit of stress in my life.  SIGH.

I am hoping that, when Becky gets here, she can at least smell the fragrance of the two bottles that I made.  In the mean while, I ordered new bottles with plastic rollers.  Although it is the beginning of the month-ish, for me, I am getting tight on skimming funds from my grocery/household budget to pursue this.  I might not be able to get the lavender oil I would like until next month.  However, having a refill of the headache remedy on its way is a blessing.  The best part about that is the website prices are in Canadian dollars, so the amount charged to my card was approximately $25 (or there abouts ... I stink at math) less than what I thought I was spending.

Metal wretchedness does not go well with innards wretchedness.

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