Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A bit more...

The Doctors addressed POTS and the accusation of faking illness today on their show.  For me, it is both sad to see the cruelty others show and yet also encouraging to have the validation about invisible illness.

I just knew that it would be, for me, essentially a waste of money, but I ended up going to the ER last night because my head hurts ever so much and the nausea was rather profound.  I have a concussion and contusions.  I knew that.  I need to rest and be careful.  I knew that.  Falls are dangerous.  I knew that.  Still, I went because my level of fear spilled over into the unmanageable.  In a nutshell, it was hard for me to endure such pain in my head that was not from a migraine.

That effects of that are a bit more than I expected.

I was not honest about just how badly I feel, so I could get home to Amos.  Besides, resting, much less sleeping, in hospitals is near impossible for me.  I also neglected to mention that I had driven myself.  I just wanted to be home, to be in my safe place where I feel less embarrassed about being a whimpering wet noodle.

As the hours have passed, my body has become more and more sore.  Never mind the rather spectacular brushing.  Maybe this is what football players feel like, hitting the ground so hard??  I was offered pain meds, but I declined.  They slow my innards even further.  So, I am popping Tylenol.  And Zofran.  And the toradol that I have for migraines (quick pain relieve to cover the gap before the migraine specific medication kicks in).

I feel just wretched.
Much worse than usual.
And I need to fetch prescriptions.


The good news?  Yesterday, I learned that Blue Corn Flour Tortillas dough balls freeze quite well! Yay!  I only ate one and have one for today, but I am still incredibly nauseous.  Maybe later.  After a nap (or two or three, though I am supposed to remain awake today).  And copious amounts of Amos cuddling.  And if the pain in my head ever decides to subside.

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