Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Were I a poet...

The past few days has brought back that crushing exhaustion that plagued me last fall.  The exhaustion where I absolutely cannot remain awake in the early evenings.  When I wake from the nap, I do feel better.  But I very much dislike feeling so sleepy that it seems I downed an entire bottle of Benadryl.  SIGH.

I will say, however, that I have not yet adequately thanked Becky for the weighted blankets that she gave Amos and I.  Mine, I used quite a bit.  Even when I am not agitated, curling up beneath it brings comfort ... a sense of safety.

Today, I got in the GREEN chair with my weighted blanket.  Amos dragged his blanket over to the chair before leaping atop me.  Taking his hint, I draped Amos' weighted blanket about his canine self and the two of us rested easily for hours on end.  Well, really it was the five of us, because Amos also brought three babies to comfort me ... or him ... or both.  Beaver Baby.  Froggy Long Legs Baby.  Elf Baby.

Anyway, were I able to write an ode, I would craft one celebrating the magnificence of both blanket and friend ... and puppy dog.  The blanket, though, could not have been more perfect (well, maybe a smidgeon longer).  It is GREEN and unbelievably soft.  It has frogs and dragonflies on it.  It is a properly heavy weight.  And, most importantly, it is an ever present reminder that Rebecca Anne Bettina Matilda Boyles Kulp is my friend and cares deeply about how I am doing.  

I did not need to listen to my special playlist whilst resting.  Why not?  Well, the Fluffernutter was snoring like a drunken sailor.  BLISS.

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