Friday, July 13, 2007

My legs were so very today that I struggled to walk up and down stairs. I kept wondering why in the world this was so. After all, it is not like I have run a marathon or anything like that lately. It hit me, suddenly, that it was because of my fall. I must have really contracted my thigh muscles as I tried to catch myself!

Leaving the temp job was a bit easy for me because I have been so frustrated of late at the work I have been doing. I think the source of this is that I have been doing significant tasks for the foundation, but the staff person who had to sign off on what I was doing kept putting me off. The work needed to be done; in fact, several of the tasks were late because of him. Here I was doing far, far more than I was being paid for and he didn't even honor what I was doing for him.

I got a few more comments about two weeks notice, but I ignored them.

At five o'clock, when my time was up, I packed up and started hustling out the door. The chief of staff actually had the gall to ask me to stay a bit and take care of a couple more things! He didn't even seem to care that my time sheet was turned in, and I would even be paid for it. I just shook my head and said I had to go.

Go I did. All the way to Pennsylvania. I wanted to see my friends since I will not have vacation for a long time after starting this new job. The drive was hard, but I made it in one piece.

Kashi is thrilled we are here because they have carpet! No falling for him and plenty of places to frolic about and run back and forth. Someone is caring for the birds. I actually miss them...

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