Friday, July 06, 2007

The stars aligned and not only did I manage to make the second train that arrives the same time as the first and thus I always miss, but I also ended up in a car that actually had a working air conditioner. I was thankful for not having to wait another six minutes for the next train and most grateful for the cold air blowing down upon my rather hot body. It was much so that I fell asleep rather quickly.

Unfortunately, I stayed asleep even when the train arrived at my stop. I did not awake until the train was four stops back in the wrong direction. The doors closed on my backpack, but I managed to get off the train. I did not get on the train going back home that was also at the station, because it was already leaving. That meant I had another 11 minutes for the next one, since "rush" hour had ended on my way home.

So, between the eight extra stops I had to ride and the wait for another train, I arrived home a half-hour later than I would have had I missed the second train and had to wait for another one when I made the switch back in the city.

So, as for much of my life has been lately, it was a day of one step forward and two backwards.

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