Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things did not go well today when I told the people at the place where I am temping that Friday will be my last day. For the most part, they were dismayed that I would no longer be there to do all that has been put upon my plate. One senior guy even made a snide comment about needing two weeks notice! Really? This from the people who have been saying that I would have a raise for six weeks now! I am doing the work of managers and directors for a mere pittance, accomplishing more in the four months I have been there than has been done in two years for the most part. I am doing this and they have the gall to complain? Go jump in a lake, thank you very much.

However, much uncomfortableness aside, I have only two more days of schlepping to this job in the STINKING HOT AND NOW SWELTERING HEAT.

This afternoon, on the way home, the metro car had neither lights nor air-conditioning. Crowded with a multitude of passengers who were clearly as hot as I made the voyage a bit smelly. Going through the tunnels in the dark was a bit spooky as well.

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy the bubbling fountain?

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