Thursday, July 05, 2007

Something weird is going on with my right ear. I thought about leaving early and begging to see the doctor, but what would I tell her?

"It feels as if things are moving around in there."

"It feels as if it is stuffed with cotton. No, it feels like when you have water in your ear and you have to shake it out."

"Well, actually, if you press your palm flat against your ear and then pull it away, you feel this sucking sensation, and it feels like that."

"Or, you could say it feels like something is vibrating inside, like a string on a guitar."

Does it hurt? No...well, it is a bit uncomfortable. Really, it is more bothersome than actually painful, rather distracting you might say."

After all that, she'd put me in a straight jacket. I do not know if something is wrong or just weird. I do know it has been driving me batty all day. And...of course...I think about those horror stories you hear about someone complaining about their ear and the doctor finding a roach inside.

Any suggestions?

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