Thursday, August 23, 2007

In three and a half hours, I plowed through a whole day's worth of tasks in my yard. I was so inspired by finally having a sidewalk again!

  1. I mowed, weed-whacked, and edged.
  2. I weeded the flower beds.
  3. I climbed atop both my sheds and cut back the wisteria that was drifting over my neighbor's shed.
  4. I trimmed three trees.
  5. I pruned all the bushes.
  6. I dug up my four dead azaleas (too much work for dead plants).
  7. I cut back my six rose bushes (they are really struggling just now).
  8. I set the bricks back against the edge of the new sidewalk (for the first time in 3 years they are all in place).
  9. I stuffed all the yard waste into six over-sized clear recycling bags.
  10. I did NOT faint!
Impressive, eh?

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