Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well, there was this ferocious thunderstorm this evening. So, what did I do? Wash my car!

B's husband G is quite dismayed that I have not washed my car since I purchased it. It is not that I do not desire a clean car, but merely vacuuming the inside out leaves me trembling. I cannot fathom why I can slog through yard work but repetitive motion such as washing a car leaves me trembling and rather weak.

Anyhow, seeing the rain fall down in buckets, I got the bright idea of fetching a bucket of my own and washing the car when all the rinse work would be taken care for me. The whole process was much easier, though I was quite fatigued from just the washing part. I am also thinking that perhaps I should get a different sponge and repeat the process. I had these large sponge sheets that I used, because I could not find my big "auto" sponge (perhaps this is because it has been four years since its last use). Still, they were sufficient to the job since the car is much cleaner now.

[I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy by now!]

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ftwayne96 said...

Boy, with a line like "I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy by now," you are really leading me into temptation, Myrtle! I so wanted to respond with a smart-alec remark! But I managed to restrain myself. :-)