Monday, December 29, 2008

As you probably know, the great debate over the perfect time to purchase the LCD television had occupied much of my brain cells over the past month. Before Christmas, during the last minute slashing, or After Christmas, during the retailer desperation period. I asked just about EVERYBODY what he/she thought. Even the postman!

Well, when my chosen model dove to $600 less than what it was listed for in October and had a 36-no-interest payment offer to boot, I took the plunge. As you know the whole digital cable upgrade did not go so well.

Now, the saleswoman stated that should the price drop within 30 days of purchase, I could come in for an "adjustment." Yet, I cannot quite envision that actually happening (the refund, not the price drop). So, with much trepidation I have been watching the After Christmas numbers. Did I make the right choice or not?

Well, today the price changed. In which direction you ask? It lept back up $300!

So, perhaps I made the right choice, eh?

It is 54 hours and counting since the third cable box was installed. Thus far, the darned thing appears to be working as it should. Any of you who would care to come experience HD television shows on an HD television, feel free to visit. The experience is rather overwhelming.

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