Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Madeleine and Smokey have come to live with me as well. Madeleine is but three-months-old. Smokey is a three-year-old male. Thus far, Fancy has not much cared for my addition to our flock. However, since cockatiels are flock birds, this change will ultimately bring her comfort. She just doesn't know it yet!

Madeleine and Smokey are victims of the housing crisis. I was happy to offer them a home.

Both are hand-fed, but Madeleine is so very frightened of just about everything that I fear she will loose her "taming." Smokey has already hung out with me on the couch, but he very evidently has not yet made up his mind if I am to be his flock. He warbles a beautiful tune when he wants. Having bird song back in the home is wonderful, even though his first performance made me cry thinking about Madison and his horrible, untimely death.

Right now, Madeleine is munching on millet, Fancy is chomping on the cuttle bone, and Smokey is preening his feathers. Kashi is asleep, curled up at my feet. And I? Well, I am watching my first DVR recorded show.

For the record, I will admit that I missed the first eight minutes because it took me that long to figure out how to start the recording and it ended before the show was over. I am not sure the ending part was my fault, too, but the whole experience needs a bit of improvement.

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