Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I am conducting a bit of retail therapy at the moment.

I have been wanting to get The West Wing series on DVD (even though the, ahem, wrong political party was highlighted), but have hesitated over the cost. In fact, I have had it sitting in my Amazon.Com shopping cart since early this summer. Just the other week, it finally dropped to a price that was almost a bit ridiculous--a third of the original price and a mere 77 cents per episode! So, it came to my home.

I wanted to see the series because it is smart and funny. And because one of the main characters has MS. I wanted to watch and think and laugh and ponder. So, it came to my home.

The West Wing is wittier and more moving than I remembered. Being in communications now, I can also better appreciate the fact that three of the main characters are in the field. The MS story line actually begins in the first season, something I definitely did not remember.

I am most definitely enjoying the company of such good writing and the opportunity to think about my disease. And I am reveling in the humor. Sometimes I actually startle Fancy off her cage with my loud guffaws!

Tonight's episode, Celestial Navigation, has brought about an asthma attack (all hail the Epipen) and four flights from Fancy. Even Kashi is frolicking about wagging his tail whilst watching me watch the episode. Were I not worried about my ability to keep breathing, I would watch it over again right now!

Laughter is always a good thing, right?

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