Sunday, December 07, 2008

Clinging to the belief that this just cannot be happening, I remembered that my last fasting blood work was during that wretched time in the hospital a year ago last April. It was taken before the debacle following the surgery, but after fasting. Surely that blood work would show that my doctor was mistaken.

It did not. Again it showed a very high glucose level.

Why did no one tell me about the risk of diabetes then? Why did no one point out that number, especially when it was flagged with a note?

I plan to bring a copy of those results into my doctor's office, however I still want to repeat the blood work. Plus, I want to understand what the low level of potassium has to do with this or any of the other diseases I battle.

I cannot. I cannot believe this is happening.

It is not.

I will it so.

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