Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Life in pictures...

I dressed up today, for no reason.  I miss the symphony.  I miss having a reason to wear my flowy skirts and my boots.

Do you think that if I slept in my boots that I wouldn't have the night terrors?

I am very much enjoying plucking eggplants out of my raised bed near the haven and cooking them up for dinner.  This was a simple sauté with homemade ranch dressing, which is so very satisfying.

I brush the eggplant with olive oil, thoroughly, and then sprinkle on some of Becky's seasoned salt.  I do the same to the other side.  And then I place them in a dry, hot pan.  I find that, since the eggplant soaks up olive oil very easily, that it is better to put it on the eggplant directly than in the pan.  At least for me it is.

What is wrong with this picture of my crabapple tree?

Look in the center.


Yes!  That is a cucumber hanging down there!  I harvested it, along with 16 others and took them to my therapist's office today.  Somehow one of the vines made its way into the tree.  There is another cucumber even higher up.  I will need a ladder to harvest it when it is ready!

I came across this today.
It is giving me much food for thought.
I am arrested by it.

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