Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Not much...

I awoke today and worked on my shopping list, since my budget has cycled and I will be out tomorrow.  Making my list is something that now takes me many days, because I price compare between Walmart, Target, and Meijer.  It is mostly finished now, although I remembered I have a $10 coupon at Meijer, so I need to switch a few items to there even if they are priced slightly higher.

I then walked on the treadmill.  Being ill, I am sure that is not the best decision, but I just cannot explain why I have to walk everyday.  If I stop, I just might not start again.  It is so very hard.  I did back the speed down just a tad.

Then, I had to take a nap!  I was that exhausted after doing so little!

I awoke after 5:00 and fed Amos.  Then, I went up to take a shower.  That exhausted me, but I did manage to get something to eat afterwards.  Next, it was back to the shopping list to figure out what get at Meijer with the $10.  I have almost all of it spent, but not quite.

Now, just 8:16 in the evening, I am fighting falling asleep again.  Sometimes, I try to hang on, but most of the time it is best to just give in and sleep some.

I am definitely better.  I mean, my throat was WRETCHED Friday and Saturday and it is now just peachy.  I am still coughing and coughing up gunk every now and then.  I see the integrative medicine doctor and I figured that she can listen to my lungs and tell me if I should go back for stronger antibiotics or wait out these.

I had my first Trigeminal Neuralgia flare since upping the duloxetine.  That is the side effect I have been dreading the most.  For some reason, it triggers them rather frequently before easing off.  They are brutal, brutal pain.

Awk.  I just cannot stay awake.  It is so weird to fall asleep typing because what I end up saying makes little sense.  Maybe one time I should just leave the garbled text!  In this case,  I have corrected my words and will sign off.

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