Sunday, August 05, 2018

Two peas...

Amos has been really clingy of late, crawling into my lap and following me all over the house.  I would think that, perhaps, he is being clingy to comfort me.  However, he has also been crawling beneath my weighted blankets and stuffing himself behind my back so that I am squishing him.  So, that tells me that it is not my upsettedness that he is trying to sooth.  But I do not know what is bothering him.

Would that it were I could talk with Amos.

Meanwhile, I do not mind the extra attention from my beloved Fluffernutter.  I mean, sometimes, I stop and worry a bit.  But mostly I just enjoy his presence so close to me.

In bed, he has started curling up at my back.  If I roll over, he then leaps over my stomach to curl up on the other side.  It sort of cracks me up that he is so intent on sleeping that one way right now.  But I also admit that it is very comforting because he adjusts his body so that it is sort of atop mine a bit, with the result that he puts quite a bit of pressure on my back.

We really are two peas in a pod at times.

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