Monday, August 06, 2018


Every other month, I have been sending out notecards to friends and family and folk whom I like to let know I am thinking of them.  July was to be one of those months.  However, I could not gather my brain enough to do so.  Much of July, I haven't even read or watched television when I am awake.  Instead, I have sat and tried to gather my brain rather unsuccessfully.

It really blows my mind than, when not napping, hours can pass without my doing anything.  A little bit of thinking.  A little bit of app game playing with friends.  A little bit of household chores.  Very little bit of the latter.  Normally I am a streaming fool, throwing myself into viewing as a way to escape nausea, presyncope, blood sugar crashes, and other bodily ills.  But not for a long while now.  Instead, I am trapped in my exhaustion.

Today, through a gargantuan effort, I was able to get all of my note cards written and mailed.  I also boxed up and mailed a dozen of the worlds most bestest cookies (Brown Sugar Oatmeal) to my brother's house, so that he, my sister, and my nephews can enjoy them when they arrive their visit this week.

I confess this last mailing had more spelling errors than in past ones and have some cards where I did not take advantage of both blank sides.  I was doing good to just put pen to note card.

Today, I also started the fourth dose of the saliva drug for the first time.  I am hoping that taking it as prescribed, finally, will make a difference in my teeth.  It has been a brutal few months, trying to get used to this drug.  Between it and the other drug I am trying again for nerve pain, I now have severe hyperhydrosis from my head.  Fun times.

If I do anything the slightest bit strenuous for me, I start sweating profusely from my head.  I really ought to wear a headband all the time, but I either forget or  I am leaving the house and I refuse to perpetuate my personal revival of the Richard Simmons look outside my house.  I do wear one whilst I am on the treadmill and cooking and house cleaning and just about every other hard thing I do around the house.

I would much rather not sweat profusely from my head, but I do not wish to stop either of the medications.  I do, however, dread leaving the house lest I end up sweating all over someone assigned to me.

Today, I struggled with my vision much of the day.  Dysautonomia has been messing with my eyes for a long while now.  It is truly disheartening to have good days and bad where your vision is concerned.  You want the good days, but they are depressing for all the things that you can see clearly.   And then there is the fact that the saliva drug is affecting my vision now that I am finally at full strength of the medication.  The nausea is finally easing, but the vision issues are slowly increasing.

Today, I called the hospital to have them correct my bill once again, but the correction was in its favor.  Every few months, when comparing my EOB (explanation of benefits) from my Medicare insurance company and the hospital bill, I find mistakes in billing.  However, this time, it took me a few days to work up to calling.  You see, I had to tell them that the money owing for the lung function testing from May was not a $5 co-pay, but was rather a percentage the total amount owing.

Sometimes being ethical stinks!

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