Thursday, August 02, 2018

Mission accomplished...

My beloved Fluffernutter was enjoying the fan after coming in from being outside.  It is so funny ... sometimes he curls up into the smallest ball and sometimes he stretches out into this impossibly long version of himself.  He sure does love the back of the sofas!

I've given away 42 cucumbers and eaten many, many myself and yet here is another colossal haul.  Yes, there are still more growing on the vines.  I plan on taking the majority of these to my GP's office on the morrow.

I've been enjoying harvesting the eggplants in my raised bed.  I cannot believe I grew some the very first time I tried.  Thus far, I've had them sautéed, breaded and sautéed, grilled, and roasted with basil feta and balsamic glaze (above).

I think that my mincing skills have become rather finely honed.  This is fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage for the 15-bean soup.  Yes!  I met my goal of getting the soup and the Chipotle Chicken Chili made today!  Whew!!

Of course, whilst cubing the smoked ham, I learned that my santoku knife in the photo above is much, much sharper than I thought it was.  In the blink of an eye, I sliced through two of my fingertips.  Holding something in your palm as you cut it is pretty much the most stupid of actions you can do whilst you are cooking.  It is my most favorite of knives.  I do love my tomato knife and my boning knife, but the santoku serves me well each and every time I use it.  Well, except for today, perhaps.

Aside from the cooking, I also worked on a few tasks:  made the follow-up appointment with the neurologist (Why didn't they do that when the spinal tap was scheduled?  I have to wait five weeks!); called the hospital billing department and got one of my claims properly re-billed; tried twice to return the call from a nurse from the radiology department; restocked my stashes of toilet paper on all three floors; picked up the poop in the back yard; took out the recycling and the trash and set out the bins for tomorrow; entered the new router's password into my Kindle so I could update it; and repaired the wood brace piece of the library table that I have in the dining room.

One of the ways that I try to stay on top of things is to send myself emails, one per task, with the task as the subject line.  I delete them once the task is done.  Right now, I have five outstanding tasks in my inbox.  More missions await!

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