Monday, August 27, 2018

Misery upon misery in my body...

I feel like I might be feeling better.  Does that count?  For me, the key is that I was not coughing and gasping all night long and only used Chloroseptic spray once.  The bottle has gotten rather low from Friday and Saturday nights.

The pain in my throat and the dry scratchiness that was triggering the cough that then dropped into my chest are gone.  So, I am hopeful the antibiotics are doing their thing and doing it well.

Meanwhile ...

Today was the first day of increasing the dose of duloxetine.  When I tried taking it a second time, two months ago, the first two weeks were rather brutal.  Only the hope of easing the shocking in my hands kept me going.  The excessive sweating is really the only symptom that has lasted, aside from some extra dryness in the morning when I take the pill.

Today, well, the nausea came back full force.  And I had forgotten that it is a nausea that my beloved Zofran cannot touch.  It eases many hours later, though.  I have a crushing headache.  I am dizzy.  And the clenching has returned.

I am having constant jaw pain from the last spate of clenching.
I am not looking forward to having that escalate.

I was too chicken to try it last time, but I read that benedryl can help counteract the clenching.  I am going to try it tonight.  Maybe.  I absolutely loathe the drugged feeling that I get from benedryl.

I am also telling myself that I just have to get through the next two weeks.  Then, hopefully, the side effects will ease again.

Meanwhile ...

I am rather miserable.

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