Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I mowed my lawn this evening. Being out there, working up a yard sweat was oh so satisfying.

I was quite surprised to see the back yard grass start to grow in, because, if you remember, I lost it last June and spent the summer with dry dirt. I am most determined to not miss a watering opportunity this year. I did put out some more grass seed in the bare spots and some top soil in the lowest portions of the yard.

The front yard, well, that is another story. It is, I am afraid to admit, mostly weeds. They are nicely mown and edged weeds at this point, but weeds they remain. I need to either kill off everything and try to re-seed, or I need to magically come up with money to have someone else do the work or simply re-sod it all.

The wisteria is beginning to bloom. I savor its beauty and wonderful scent. Kashi, however, welcomes the blossoms for another reason: bumblebees. He somehow thinks it is a great game to try to capture the bumblebees flying around the low-hanging blooms in his mouth. He leaps with great abandon and great confidence that his efforts will prove fruitful.

Fortunately for us both, his aim is quite off.

NOTE: Last night my left shoulder started hurting. This is new. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would put it at about a 7, with a sharp rise to 10 if I raise my arm bearing any weight. Getting dressed also left me trembling in pain. So, most of the work I did this evening was one handed. I am quite frustrated at the pain, but I still welcomed my chance for "oneness" with the soil.

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