Thursday, July 06, 2006

I received a reimbursement check from my old job today and rolled off the couch to drop it off at the bank before the 2:30 deposit cut-off time. I then drove over to the grocery store to purchase some food that is more appetizing than the dregs that are currently in my cabinets.

While at the store, I was determined to buy nothing more than what I intended to buy in the first place. The first item of interest was some more baby spinach for salads. It was $1 off. I then when to get some cranberries for the salads, and they were $1.75 off. The chicken was $2/lb off, essentially half price. The pasta was $1.88 off and only $1 a package. The small pizzas were $1.98 off. The paper towels were $5.98 off. By the time I worked my way through the my mental list, only the salad dressing was not on sale. My total savings: $48.31.

I was more and more surprised as each item went into the cart. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was not picking out sale items, nor was I choosing off brands. Each item was simply on sale. I should not have been surprised. God clearly walked before me today in that grocery store.

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