Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Amos has this thing in which I take great delight and would count one of his greatest puppy therapy practices.

He is, of course, rather adorable whilst sleeping, especially curled up on a cushion, stretched out along on the back of the couch, or draped upon a pile of pillows.  Often, I watch him, curious about what dreams are driving the micro movements in his limbs and filled with such love for this creature my Good Shepherd brought into my life.  Sometimes, watching him will cause Amos to wake.  He will look at me.  I will look at him.  He will look at me more, as a smile breaks across my face. He will wag his tail but once.  Then a second time.  I will look some more.  He will adjust his body so as to get a better angle on looking back at me and wag his tail several times.  Joyous laughter over his adorable tail wagging and all the countless ways he keeps me company and comforts me will burst forth.  Amos will then start wagging his tail most furiously and inch forward to cover my face with kisses, timing each swipe with each wag of his tail.

Thumping his stump is what I call it.

Perhaps a good description of this process is like popcorn in a microwave.  A pop here.  Then another one.  A third and fourth and fifth.  Soon, counting becomes too difficult.  Then the explosion of popping that is no longer the sound of individual pieces of corn, but rather a glorious symphony of impending culinary joy (if you are Bettina that is...I care not for popcorn, especially since I am all but guaranteed to burn it).

Over the past year, my Good Shepherd has showered me with great mercy, even as I have faced the darkest of times.  I am beginning to think it was no accident that one of His greatest gifts of mercy came on February 14th, a day I have long hated for how much more alone it makes me feel. Alone and unloved.

Yes, this is but only one of the ways in which I am besotted with my puppy dog. I am utterly taken by the fact that merely gazing upon his person will result in a glorious symphony of love and affection for me.

Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief!

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