Monday, January 20, 2014

A double doubled...

Yesterday, I trimmed Amos' nails, cut his hair, and gave him a lavender bath.  He then took a nap, buried beneath the quilt and heating blanket, still swaddled in his towel, for over two hours.  Getting all gussied up is exhausting for a puppy dog.

It was exhausting for his puppy momma, too.  Of course, she's always over-doing it.  Stupid Myrtle.  SIGH.

So, today I stayed in bed until 4:00, giving myself enough time to get up, prepare a meal, and get ready for church.  I had thawed out chicken yesterday, so I made the Lemon Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki and Feta again.  Mostly, because I have Tzatziki out the wahzoo.  I think large recipes ought to be noted as so since not everyone is bright enough to work through the ingredients and spot what just has to be a double recipe.

I was slightly excited that I made the chicken from beginning to end by myself.  I did not pay attention to Marie cooking the chicken, so I had to gird my loins and plunge ahead.

I first fretted because I couldn't figure out what to put in the pan before I started cooking the chicken. Then, my rather slow brain caught up to the fact that the marinade was what would have gone in the pan.  I dumped the bowl into the pan, which probably, now that I think of it, meant that extra marinade when it.  What basically happened is that the chicken cooks as the marinade cooked down.  At the very end, the chicken started to lightly brown, so I turned each piece one last time and pulled them off.  They were perfect.

I cooked one of my remaining two balls of gyro flatbread dough, ate my gyro, cleaned up the dishes, and went to church.

I found one of the lines of the hymn extremely distressing.
Almost as if my foe was taunting me.
Or a confirmation that my fears are true.

So, I came home and crawled back into my pajamas and bed.  Then, I checked the forecast.  With more snow on the way, and my milk less than a gallon—practically empty in my mind—I put on fuzzy slippers and went to Walgreens in my pajamas to stock up on milk.

Then, I came back and thought about all the tasty gyro chicken awaiting me in the refrigerator and just how blooming awesome the gyro flatbread is.  So, I decided to go ahead and make a double batch for my freezer.  I had dreams of doing a double batch of naan, too, basically topping off my bread to go with all those tasty meals in the freezer, but I am exhausted.  So, I left the naan for another day.

Kind of weird that this gross looking stuff will make flour, salt, and olive oil turn into a ball of dough.

I certainly did not shape this as well as Marie did.  She made it all smooth on top, but you can see that my shaping still doubled.  A double doubled, really.

There, now, aren't you just a tad bit jealous??  Sandra had a birthday yesterday.  I told her I would like to cook for her and she would like our meal from Friday.  So, one or two of these will be in her tummy.  The rest??  All mine!  I need more wax paper, but all balls are wrapped and safely tucked away in the freezer!

I do believe that this plan is moving along nicely.  The refrigerator is getting rather empty for still being a week away from next month's grocery budget.  So, I think I need to specifically set aside money for fresh things, such as lettuce or vegetables I would not want to freeze, for a mid-month run along with the dairy purchase.  I read how this one woman buys and freezes all the milk for her family for a month.  That must be one large freezer.

Next month, I believe my grocery bill will be lower.  Really, I think it will be the first true test.  I will need chicken, vegetables, baking items, and dairy.  I would also like to try a new beef recipe and several sides. I found this one for sweet potato medallions that has my mouth watering.  And, although I think that cauliflower is utterly disgusting, I found this recipe that as me really, really, really tempted to buy some.

Do you think puppy dogs would eat leftover cauliflower??

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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